Marco Campomaggi

Campomaggi is the scent of leather, absolute protagonist of each collection, it is the ability of working hands, it is the old and noble art of craftsmanship.

Driven by the idea of creating bags and accessories that mirror his philosophy, Marco Campomaggi thinks, dreams and designs collections which combine the ancient art of treating leather with creativity, precision and painstaking care in craftsmanship.

Each Campomaggi bag tells a story. Accuracy, care, attention and dedication are fundamental ingredients when creating the first prototype of each new model: a very delicate phase, the first step in transforming an idea into something tangible



I started from nothing. It’s a catch phrase, but in my case it’s also the truth.  

All my equipment fitted in a shoe box: scissors, pinceres for holes and a few picks.  My story comes from inexperience. I knew nothing about leather or fashion and i didn’t know anybody who did this job. But I wanted to find new solutions.  Convincing the costumer was the most challenging tests I’ve ever faced. Because I use to sell on the pavement under a street light on the stand in Cesenatico. 

I learnt so many things, people made their observations, gave advice. The fact that someone would purchase my bags seemed some kind of a miracle. 

If someone chooses something I have made, it is as if they are choosing me among the many who do the same thing. 




The PEOPLE surrounding us are our witnennes; the primary witness for an entrepreneur is the territory where they work.







I don’t want to hide defects in my bags. I want them to be chosen because they are imperfect. I want people to like my bags the way they are to find something unconventional and impressive in them. I want to buy something authentic: something real.







People are the leading thread in my story. I like observing their gestures, especially if they do something with hands. Handmade as they call it now, is an increasingly rare activity, but it is a wonderful way for human begins to express their ingenuity. Watching while a vote is being made to provide me with more ideas for a bag than thousands of fashion magazines do.






Beauty and Strength

My bags are unique, and I believe they are entitled to having the time.

I don’t want just more consumers. I want customers who appreciate the beauty in what they buy to the point that they want to preserve it, mend it- even hand it down to their children and grandchildren.






Live Matter

Hide is live matter. Its surface tells its entire story.

When I started, I didn’t have the faintest idea of how it would react to my work.
I used to do some trials and mare some mistakes.

I experimented. I was the hide with teaching me. 







The experience can be a limitation, because it leads to the repetition of what other have already done, without adding anything new.

So inexperience is just as important. 

 Creating something new often comes from the thoughtlessness of those who know little or close to nothing, but have great enthusiasm, great passion and an unstoppable will succeed.

That was my story.